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Lake Constance Innovation Cluster kicks off Innovation Circle on Cybersecurity

Lake Constance Innovation Cluster (source: ZU, Valentin Kremer)
Lake Constance Innovation Cluster (source: ZU, Valentin Kremer)

With its most recent workshop on January 25th, the Lake Constance Innovation Cluster Digital Transformation initiated a platform on Cybersecurity for regional business.
The Innovation Cluster, which is operated by Zeppelin University’s Leadership Excellence Institute, is to foster the continued success of the Lake Constance region against the background of digitally driven structural change. It will encourage dialogue on various relevant issues among its member companies and with experts coming from inside or outside Zeppelin University.

Based upon the results of the Cybersecurity workshop on January 25th, companies will be invited to join an Innovation Circle on Cybersecurity that meets in a bi-monthly rhythm, starting on March 15th.

Further Innovation Circles will commence work in September 2019:

| Life Long Learning and Technology Acceptance
| Sustainability Management and Integrated Reporting

Find more information on Lake Constance Innovation Cluster:
Check out the results of a survey on digital transformation in the Lake Constance area conducted by the Innovation Cluster in 2018: Digital Transformation in the Lake Constance region - Evaluation 2018

Lake Constance Innovation Cluster Team LEIZ: Dr. Lennart Brand, Sabine Wiesmüller, Lukas Törner, Alexander Shevelov, Maximilian Heisterkamp, Cindy Klotzsche, Philip Schneider, Julia Verwegen

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Speakers of the Cybersecurity event on January 25th, 2019:

| Dr Christian Bühring, Lawyer and Senior Expert of the German Armed Forces

| Dr Helmut Mahler Founder and Partner of CODE WHITE GmbH

| Bodo Meseke, Partner, Forensic & Integrity Services, Ernst & Young GmbH Auditors

| Professor Dr Martin Schulz, Head of the Institute for Compliance and Company Law, German Graduate School of Management and Law