Bodensee Innovation Cluster (BIC) to host second annual conference

LEIZ: first annual conference of Bodensee Innovation Cluster
LEIZ: first annual conference of Bodensee Innovation Cluster

On 27 September 2019, the second annual conference of the Bodensee Innovation Cluster will take place at Zeppelin University. As with the last annual conference, this year's annual conference will serve as a starting point and initiation of two further innovation circles, namely Lifelong Learning and Technology Acceptance as one joint innovation circle as well as Digital Sustainability Management as its counterpart. This year, we are once again able to welcome highly renowned speakers, who will provide a comprehensive insight into the topics named above.

The innovation circle "Lifelong Learning and Technology Acceptance" focuses on the complexity of implementing new technologies and the need for constant learning within an organisation. This represents a challenge for companies, as it showcases being disruptive, nurturing one’s employees and fostering their intrinsic motivation to learn and, in addition, provides them with modern further training options. Although there is a noticeable easing of work processes, on the other hand there is an increased demand for technology-related skilled workers. Thanks to these far-reaching developments, companies see a need for intensive adaptation and education at all levels of the organisation.

The innovation circle "Digital Sustainability Management” focuses on the digitalisation of CSR and environmental management. They use solutions that, for example, ensure compliance with environmental regulations that manage the evaluation of a suppliers' social performance or collect non-financial information for their own reporting. Other examples cited by the companies range from the carbon-neutral mobility of employees to group-wide virtual coordination on social commitment to the digital evaluation of product design in the life cycle concept.
As in the “Cybersecurity" innovation circle, the format will be workshop-oriented and participants will be given the opportunity to discuss current issues in their field and exchange experience.

Interested persons or organisations may register here: https://www.zu.de/veranstaltungen/2019/jahreskonferenz-bodensee-innovationscluster.php

LEIZ Communication Management

contact: evelyn.pachta@zu.de

The Bodensee Innovation Cluster (BIC) was established with a conference held by the Leadership Excellence Institute Zeppelin | LEIZ in September 2018. After a throrough initialising phase starting in summer 2017 a group of LEIZ researchers in cooperation with SAP carried out a survey in 2018, scrutinising the sore points of digitialisation companies of the region are pinning down:
The implications of AI, Lifelong Learning plus technology acceptance, Cybersecurity as well as Digital Sustainability Management
The annual conference is a kick-off format for the six cluster meetings of each of the above-mentioned topics, to find out about specific participants and speakers. Safe the date: next annual conference on September 27, 2019.


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