Current Innovation Circles at the Bodensee Innovation Cluster

Bodensee Innovation Cluster hosted four innovation circles the past weeks
Bodensee Innovation Cluster hosted four innovation circles the past weeks

The Innovation Circles of the Bodensee Innovation Cluster offer executives from companies in the region the opportunity to share their knowledge on various topics in a personal and enriching atmosphere. The Bodensee Innovation Cluster is currently hosting four different Innovation Circles with up to 30 participants each. The events take place on a regular basis for at least one year. The format thus offers participants the opportunity for personal exchange and for topic-specific, long-term, and in-depth collaboration.

The basis of each Innovation Circle is a topic-specific study by the Bodensee Innovation Cluster. The results of this study reflect the demand of companies in the region and are presented and discussed at a conference, which also serves as a “kick-off” for the corresponding Innovation Circle.

The current four Innovation Circles are:

Artificial Intelligence

The Innovation Circle "Artificial Intelligence" deals with how this important new technology can be made usable for companies in the region. In cooperation with all corporate members of the Innovation Cluster’s board, participants discuss economic implications and concepts for successful implementation in their companies.

Digital Sustainability Management

The Innovation Circle "Digital Sustainability Management" is held in cooperation with SAP SE. More and more companies are supporting their CSR and sustainability management digitally. This Innovation Circle offers the opportunity to discuss the possibilities created by new technologies in the fields of compliance, CSR, and sustainability management.


The "Cybersecurity" Innovation Circle addresses the importance of security issues and protection against data misuse for companies in an increasingly digital working environment. Within the framework of this Innovation Circle, new risk types and risk assessment strategies resulting from this development are discussed in cooperation with KPMG AG.

Digital Leadership and Knowledge Management

"Digital Leadership and Knowledge Management" is the title of the latest Innovation Circle held in cooperation with the Zeppelin Group. Especially leaders and decision makers find themselves in an environment that is more and more characterised by increasing complexity and the necessity for constant adaptation to new circumstances. The Innovation Circle addresses this topic and other aspects of digital leadership such as digital skills, digital stakeholder management and digital culture.

You can find more information about the Innovation Circles here.

For general questions about the Innovation Circles, please contact Sabine Wiesmüller, Head of the Bodensee Innovation Cluster.

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