Bodensee Innovation Cluster (BIC) to dig into the sour points of digitalisation

LEIZ: BIC scrutinising Cybersecurity
LEIZ: BIC scrutinising Cybersecurity

The Bodensee Innovation Cluster brings together research institutions, companies from various industries and other relevant stakeholders from the Lake Constance (Bodensee) region in such a way that subject-specific expertise is systematically and continuously identified, highlighted and made available for regional and supra-regional economic and social use. The work of the Bodensee Innovation Cluster is based on the results of an extensive study from 2018 on the status, challenges and opportunities of Digital Transformation in the Lake Constance region. Cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence, Lifelong Learning and Technology Acceptance as well as Digital Sustainability Management were the four trends identified by the 2018 study.

For each of these four trends, innovation circles are offered to the members of the Bodensee Innovation Cluster. The overall topic of each innovation circle is divided into six interesting sub-topics which will be developed and presented to the companies in six consecutive meetings that will take place over the next twelve months at two-month intervals. The Innovation Circle "Cybersecurity” started in September last year as the first one in the series. So far, three innovation circle meetings with approximately 25 participants from different enterprises from different industries have taken place at Zeppelin University, each presenting one aspect from the field of Cybersecurity. Meetings started with a presentation from an external expert, before transitioning to two workshop phases with the participants. The exact topics discussed at each meeting are developed and planned in collaboration with the participants themselves in order to ensure the demand-oriented work of the Cluster and, especially, within the Innovation Circle. In the case of Cybersecurity, the topics Cybersecurity Standards, Norms and Tools were covered in the first meetings.

Thus far, the format of the Bodensee Innovation Cluster has had a very positive response, resulting in rising membership numbers and events that have been well received by the public. The participants praised the open workshop character of the meetings, the flexibility to adapt settings and discussions to the most pressing questions of the participants, which ensures continuous support from the members.


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The Bodensee Innovation Cluster (BIC) was established with a conference held by the Leadership Excellence Institute Zeppelin | LEIZ in September 2018. After a throrough initialising phase starting in summer 2017 a group of LEIZ researchers in cooperation with SAP carried out a survey in 2018, scrutinising the repercussions of digitialisation companies of the region are pinning down:
The implications of AI, Lifelong Learning and technology acceptance, Cybersecurity as well as Digital Sustainability Management.


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