Welcome to ZU's 4th interdisciplinary PhD Summer School

Advances in Behavioral Ethics

Friedrichshafen, 19 - 23 June, 2017

What leads people to break rules without being aware of it? Is having a „good“ character good enough to promote ethical behavior? What leads us to believe we will behave ethically and then behave differently when acting? When are people more likely to rely on their „gut feelings“ than on deliberate reasoning when making moral judgments? Which social and situational settings do encourage unethical behavior? How can we „nudge“ ethical behavior? What is the role of honesty and deception in financial markets? Does the market recognize commitment to honesty in the face of economic incentives for misrepresentation, and does honesty ultimately pay? Which psychological and economic factors help to improve tax compliance?

Behavioral ethics, a new experimental research field deals with such questions, making use of insights from several disciplines (e.g. moral, social and cognitive psychology, neuroscience, economics and finance, ethics). In this summer school, PhD students will get an overview about recent developments in this emerging field.

About the Summer School

Aim of this Summer School is to provide students with recent developments in the emerging field of behavioral ethics and related fields. During the week, the PhD students will be provided with the opportunity to inform about their ongoing projects and to receive feedback from experienced researchers and fellow graduate students. The workshops will offer ample chances to get to know other PhD students and their work, and to develop new ideas. You will be in personal touch with well-known and highly renowned researchers, helping to broaden your horizon on the topic. The summer school takes place at the beautiful Lake Constance in a familiar atmosphere.

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