PhD Summer School

Advances in Behavioral Ethics

Registration & ECTS

In order to apply for the Summer School, please fill out the application form (asking for some general information, your motivation and the topic of your dissertation project) and return it to

Deadline: April 30, 2017.
There are 20 places available.
The school is worth 4 ECTS. To earn the credits, students are expected to fully and actively participate in the school, to present a poster on their research project, and to join the face-to-face meetings with the lecturers. After successful completion of the summer school, students can request a certificate of participation.

The registration period starts on March 15, 2017.

The PhD SummerSchool fee amounts to 200,- Euros, including seminar participation, course material, 4 days‘ lunch, seminar catering and a snack on your welcome evening. The fee has to be paid via bank transfer after receiving notice on your admission to the Summer School. Deadline of the transfer: May 19, 2017. Please note: Your registration can only be confirmed bindingly with the seminar fee being paid.

Doctoral candidates of the lecturers‘ chairs, who are regularly enrolled at Zeppelin University, are freed from the seminar fees.
Cancellation until May 31, 2017: 10 % deduction of the seminar fee
Cancellation until June 15, 2017: 50 % deduction of the seminar fee
Cancellation after June 15, 2017: 100 % deduction of the seminar fee

Travelling costs and accommodation in Friedrichshafen are not included in the fee and subject to individual arrangement. After registration, the organizers help you to find a place where to stay in Friedrichshafen, recommending hotels, youth hostels and other locations.

We are looking forward to welcoming you at Zeppelin University!

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