LEIZ exchanges ideas with two different Liberal Arts Colleges in the United States

Jepson School of Leadership Studies in Richmond, Iowa, certainly ranks among the best examples of universities where students can read Entrepreneural Studies along with Liberal Arts. It is exactly this mix of interdisciplinary subjects that provides students with crucial generalist knowledge and skills aimed at refining their leadership personality.
Professor Dr Wieland and Dr Lennart Brand met with the Dean of Jepson to discuss not only methodology questions pertaining to specific disciplines within the Liberal Arts but also all advantages arising from this new and -- at the same time -- very old academic approach.
Furthermore, they were able to speak to students and hear about their experience with this classic mix of subjects in combination with leadership topics. The feedback was absolutely positve.Thus Jepson School of Leadeship Studies clearly stands for Liberal Arts with a purpose. https://jepson.richmond.edu/ 

Denison University, Columbus follows a different pattern when it comes to Liberal Arts. Denison students in Grenville, Ohio can do a ‘Master of Global Commerce’ degree that addresses Liberal Arts within a wider scale. The Masters programme focusses less on a career-building curriculum than on a very general, i.e., ‘global’ education in itself. President Weinberg, a long-standing aquaintance, elaborated on their methodology of tackling the topic of Global Commerce with a slightly different approach where the liberal arts are gaining more and more momentum. . https://denison.edu/

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Studies of the Liberal Arts go back to academic education in Old Europe  where these subjects had to cede their position in favour of the more career-driven MINT subjects and Business Administration and Economics. In the meantime Liberal Arts have become stronger in the United States. Today, fresh emphasis has been placed on Liberal Arts all around the world. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Liberal_arts_education

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