Transcultural Student Research Group and Winter School 2020 as online formats

TSRG Winter School 2020
TSRG Winter School 2020

The research project on "European Relational Societies" adapted to the pandemic situation – and opened up new perspectives for international teaching formats.

The Transcultural Student Research Group 2020 | TSRG 2020 concentrated on the topic "European Relational Societies – Best Practices for Civil Society Cooperation". The project was headed by the team of the Transcultural Caravan: Professor Josef Wieland, Dr Julika Baumann Montecinos and Jessica Geraldo Schwengber. As a follow-up project to the Transcultural Leadership Summit 2019 on Europe, it took a closer look at civil society's role in Europe. It was conducted in cooperation with the Maecenata Institute, whose director, Dr Rupert Graf Strachwitz, was a speaker at the Summit in 2019.
The TSRG 2020 included six sub-projects and involved participants from five European countries. The sub-projects addressed the overall research topic from different perspectives, such as civil society in the western Balkans, inter-sectoral cooperation for the common good, cultural projects, to name but a few.
In 2020, the pandemic meant that the project's format had to be adapted. Instead of going abroad on the annual research trip, the international exchange and learning took place in virtual settings.
The TSRG 2020's program included a Transcultural Winter School, which took place online from November 2 to November 10, 2020. In workshop sessions, by attending the Transcultural Leadership Summit and presenting the first research results at the Transcultural Research Symposium – which reached an international audience -- the group were still able to interact and gain new insights. Input from international experts including Boris Strecansky from Community Foundations and Alexandrina Najmowicz from the Civic Forum, focusing on civil society cooperation in Europe, also enriched the Winter School. These keynote addresses brought new perspectives to the group, enriched the discussion and enhanced the learning experience for all participants.

Want to know more about the results? The findings of the TSRG 2020 will be published in the next volume of the Transcultural Management Series.
Our thanks go to our cooperation partner Maecenata Institute, especially to Dr Rupert Graf Strachwitz and Dr Siri Hummel, for sharing their expertise and participating in this project.

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