Transcultural Research Group Symposium on Transculturality in Hong Kong

The LEIZ Transcultural Research Group Symposium discussed transdisciplinary research presenting the example of the research project on "Transculturality or Hybridity? The Case of Hong Kong".

This Fall Semester, an international group of seven students kicked-off a Transcultural Research Group (TRG) on “Transculturality or Hybridity? The Case of Hong Kong”. This TRG combines the perspectives not only of these seven students but also of seven countries, six disciplines and four study programs at Zeppelin University. It therefore serves as a prime example of an interdisciplinary or, more to the point, transdisciplinary research.

The Symposium offered insights into the challenges and opportunities of such an undertaking and gave the student researchers the chance to present their research agendas, and to discuss the overall aim of the project.

Interested members of Zeppelin University as well as the student researchers’ supervisors and advisors were invited to join the Symposium – in person or via teleconference, as the projects participants are spread out all over the world.

After a welcome by LEIZ Director Prof Josef Wieland and the TRG’s Hong Kong-based initiator and principal researcher, Ross Cheung, researchers presented their present findings. These were then discussed within the plenum. The whole team was very grateful for the fruitful discussion and the valuable input and is now looking forward to putting their research questions to the test during the scheduled field trip to Hong Kong in January.

For more information, please visit the Transcultural Caravan website.

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