Professor Carmen Tanner gives successful online seminar on 'Personal Integrity'

LEIZ: Professor Carmen Tanner
LEIZ: Professor Carmen Tanner

Do I have integrity? Do I perceive moral challenges and can I act morally as well as with integrity? What kind of individual and structural dimensions influence my moral behaviour and my moral awareness?

Creating a seminar that lives from interactions such as role plays, simulations and continuous feedback between students and lecturers is an enormous challenge when it comes to both planning and implementing. The "Personal Integrity" seminar led by Professor Carmen Tanner in collaboration with Dr David Schmocker, University of Zurich, Department of Banking and Finance and Dr Markus Ulrich, Urich Creative Simulations, Zurich, was an admirable illustration of how, in very little time, the team of lecturers succeeded in creating "the best online seminar I have ever had! It was varied and interactive. This was a great success, even more so as in such a format all non-verbal aspects have to be more or less omitted. I could gain lots of new thoughts and ideas," as one student said.

Using well-known software solutions, almost all interactive elements (group work, small releases, etc.) as well as the Serious Gaming aspect (Value Games, PLOBB Framework), to familiarise the students with moral dilemmas and how to solve them by playing games, were managed smoothly in a virtual space. Summing up, one student said, “This seminar was a great achievement!”

Another student said: "The participants were able to profit from the exemplary design and implementation of the online seminar and it is with much pride that we witnessed a fine example of excellence and dedication by the chair, Prof. Tanner, and her team of researchers in these challenging times."

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By personal integrity we understand the following: when people have a moral compass of values and act in accordance with those values. Generally, values play a key role. But in order to put such values into practice in the first place, various psychological competencies are needed. We worked on these competencies in the seminar.
Integrity. Hardly any other concept enjoys such prominence in corporate cultures and, most importantly, among leaders.

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