German Podcast on Cultural Education: Potential for the Next Generation of Leaders

German Podcast on Cultural Education supported by Karl Schlecht Foundation
German Podcast on Cultural Education supported by Karl Schlecht Foundation

Today, cultural education is considered to be an essential part of the overall human skill set. The research project "Through Cultural Education to Good Leadership? Theoretical Foundations and Didactic Concepts for a Cultural Education Leadership Qualification" is the occasion for a new German podcast on the topic. Published by the Council for Cultural Education, the project is being supported financially by the Karl Schlecht Foundation within the framework of “Ethics and Leadership”.

The latest episode “Ich dachte es geht um Kunst, am Ende ging es um mich”: Kulturelle Bildung: Potenziale für den Führungsnachwuchs” combines the approach of cultural education with its implications for the next generation of leadership. What is the potential of students of business administration, law or engineering engaging with art and culture for future managers and for large companies? How can those companies use cultural education to develop leadership skills? The 40-minute conversation seeks to answer these questions.

In the discussion, facilitated by Council member Lydia Grün, Karin Heyl (Head of Corporate Citizenship at BASF SE), Prof. Dr Ulrike Gerdiken (Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences) and Martin Schwemmle (alumnus of the Bronnbach Scholarship and now innovation researcher at the Hasso Plattner Institute) share their different perspectives on the topic. One important outcome of the conversation highlights the discussion: engagement with art and culture must be accompanied by professional reflection on one's own leadership activities. Then this can be used as a serious instrument for personnel development in companies.

The podcast is available on Youtube and Spotify. Further information on the research project, such as a summary of the research results and resulting recommendations for action for leadership programs with arts education, can be found here.

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