Professor Josef Wieland visits University of Pretoria

ALCRL: Front row second from left Prof Derick de Jongh next to Prof Josef Wieland
ALCRL: Front row second from left Prof Derick de Jongh next to Prof Josef Wieland

Prof Josef Wieland visited the Albert Luthuli Centre for Responsible Leadership (ALCRL) from 15 to 18 July 2019.

For one thing, this first visit to South Africa served to strengthen ties between the LEIZ and the ALCRL. For another thing, he came to discuss the joint internationally-funded research project between the two institutes, which focuses on the role of leadership in implementing and achieving the SDGs. The research will compare multi-sector partnership practices and the implications for leadership in Germany and South Africa.

The expected research outcomes include academic publications, practice and policy inputs and a framework for leadership engagement in partnerships for development. The research feeds into the ALCRL’s role in the SA SDG Hub, hosted by the ALCRL and located in the Department of Business Management. SDG 17 specifically refers to the importance of partnerships in implementing the SDGs. Very little research has been done locally and internationally to investigate the leadership practices and, more specifically, the most effective form of leadership in achieving the SDG goals.

Apart from the research topic, Josef Wieland gave a guest lecture on 'Relational leadership in inter-sectoral partnerships for shared value creation' to MPhil students in Responsible Leadership, MPhil in Development Practice, as well as PhD students in Leadership. A lively debate on leadership and development was one of the positve outcomes of the lecture.

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The Albert Luthuli Centre for Responsible Leadership aims to develop a new generation of responsible leaders, shaping local and international business practices and policies in support of social and environmental justice.

Its strengths lie in its ability to harness the academic integrity of a variety of academic disciplines cutting across areas such as economic and management sciences, environmental sciences, natural sciences, law, engineering and humanities, to name a few.
Its legitimacy lies in its ability to respond to key issues in the field of corporate responsibility and responsible leadership.

Its relevance is determined by the extent to which stakeholders, internal (faculty at UP) and external (private sector, public sector and civil society), put a premium on the ALCRL’s ability to advance responsible leadership through relevant teaching and research interventions.

source: Website ALCRL

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