Josef Wieland and Dominik Fischer speak at conference by the German Association for Network Research entitled ‘Why network research?'

Schader-Stiftung: Stiftungs-Gebäude
Schader-Stiftung: Stiftungs-Gebäude

On 3 March, 2020 Prof. Josef Wieland and Dominik Fischer both from the Leadership Excellence Institute Zeppelin | LEIZ speak at the conference ‘Why network research?’ by the German Association for Network Research (DGNet) in Darmstadt. The two academics from Zeppelin University will give a talk on ‘Relational Economics – an observation of global production networks’.
With their topic, governance questions pertaining to global production networks, they will not only be contributing to the plenary discussion but will also be providing essential input into the general question of the conference, “Why Networking?”
With the network research the DGNet aims to discuss relationship structures and thus tries to focus on describing and understanding social processes and inter-relationships within networks. Since its inception, the event has grown into a large and important meeting for network research in the German-speaking area. Furthermore, for the first time the network congress will include sessions and working groups such as the working group on ‘Qualitative Methodology’ or the working group on ‘Working Group Organisational Network Research’..

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With its activities, the German Society for Network Research (DGNet) wants to bundle and promote the contact between different scientific disciplines and the practice in network research.
The society organises meetings of network researchers from different disciplines.
The DGNet serves to represent the interests of network researchers. It represents the interdisciplinary perspective of network research in scientific committees, e.g. in questions of research funding, research and practice ethics, archiving and provision of data and publication possibilities. Furthermore, the society provides suggestions and support for the training of young researchers at universities and colleges, for which an interdisciplinary perspective is also necessary.
It also intends to increase the attention for network research within the public and thus serves organisations, the media and the general public as a point of contact. In addition to that, the DGNet seeks cooperation with other institutions at national and international level.
Source: https://www.netzwerkforschung.org/about

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