New publication of standard work on compliance for industry and business by Wieland, Steinmeyer and Grüninger

LEIZ: Cover Handbook on Compliance-Management
LEIZ: Cover Handbook on Compliance-Management

With the comprehensive 3rd edition of the "Handbuch Compliance-Management - Konzeptionelle Grundlagen, praktische Erfolgsfaktoren, globale Herausforderungen" (The Handbook of Compliance Management – Conceptual Foundations, Practical Success Factors, Global Challenges) the editors have achieved a great success.

Good structure

In a very structured and clear manner, the handbook not only addresses the complex specialist and knowledge area of compliance, but also highly topical issues in this context. With the 3rd edition, this standard work has been expanded to include cyber-compliance, privacy compliance, product and technology compliance, conformity with anti-money-laundering guidelines, and compliance with human and employee rights in global value chains. Thus, the publishers have covered the questions around compliance that have arisen in the last 3 years as well as dealing with the almost paradigmatic significance of the well-known compliance scandals of recent years and the legal and moral issues surrounding global value chains.

In a book review recently published by Haufe https://www.haufe.de/controlling/rechnungslegung/literaturforum-wirtschaftspruefung-und-compliance_110_520606.html not only the “clear structure but also the versatile and comprehensive manner of the handbook dealing with legal and business management aspects as well as questions of methods and systems, national and international topics and regulations or compliance in various functions and processes” is explicitly praised. The Haufe book critic, Alfred Biel, likes the “well structured table of contents and comprehensive index as well as the clear presentation that make it easy to find the desired text passages.” The new compliance handbook is, according to Biel (Haufe), “a significant, trend-setting, comprehensive publication that appeals to a broad target group ranging from university teachers and students to responsible practitioners in various fields and functions up to to executive and supervisory board”. He also mentions the impact of integrity and integrity management as well as regulated and ethically correct behaviour in the context of compliance and in view of the digital transformation, e.g., of new business models.

The question as to why such a profound and comprehensive 3rd edition had to be produced is implicitly answered by the editors in the foreword of the book as follows: "More than 70% of what is currently listed in the "International Trade" section are exchange relationships between companies that are networked in global value chains. Like companies as a whole, compliance management is facing the challenges of the VUCA world arising from the volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity in the environment of economic transactions. Without the integrity of executives in the company, efficient and effective legal compliance is difficult to achieve in this VUCA world.“

LEIZ Communication Management
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The editors of the new handbook:
Prof. Dr habil. Josef Wieland teaches at Zeppelin University in Friedrichshafen where he is Vice-president Research and incumbent of the chair Institutional Economics Transcultural Leadership, Prof. Dr Roland Steinmeyer, LL.M. is a lawyer and notary public in Berlin, and Prof. Dr Stephan Grüninger works at the University of Applied Sciences Constance for Technology, Economics and Design (HTWG Konstanz). The editors are supported by a large number of specialist authors.

Zeppelin University's co-authors of this handbook
Professor Dr habil Josef Wieland, “Integrity and compliance management as corporate governance - conceptual foundations and success factors.”
Isabel Jandeisek “Human and Social Rights Compliance - Corporate responsibility in global supply and value chains.”
This anthology brings together the contributions of a large number of authors to provide a comprehensive view of the topic of compliance.

Content of the manual:
Part I Jurisprudence and Management Basics for Compliance Management Systems (CMS)
Part II Structure and procedure of CMS in the areas of risks and rules, organisation and monitoring, communication and training, and compliance culture
Part III Current challenges and solutions
Part IV Global framework and various country studies with regard to specific risks.

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