Carmen Tanner elected member of the jury for the ECEC Award

LEIZ: Prof Carmen Tanner, Leadership Excellence Institute Zeppelin | LEIZ
LEIZ: Prof Carmen Tanner, Leadership Excellence Institute Zeppelin | LEIZ

The ECEC programme included fascinating and practical presentations by leading ethics and compliance experts from well-known companies and organisations. Online networking sessions enabled participants to exchange experiences and information with compliance and ethics experts from all over Europe. The programme was complemented by country-specific sessions covering current compliance topics and challenges facing particular countries in their respective local language.
The ECEC Award was presented at the end of the conference. This award recognises exceptional compliance efforts. The jury was looking for individual projects in an organisation's compliance as well as innovative approaches and successful measures.
The ECEC Award was presented by a jury of five experts in the field of compliance, ethics and integrity. Projects from organisations & companies as well as individuals from all over Europe were nominated. The jury selected a winner from the nominees and presented the ECEC Award in an award ceremony at the end of the conference.
And the winner of the ECEC Award 2020 is...
"Le Groupe La Poste"

The ECEC Award 2020 was presented to Le Groupe La Poste for its MyEthics app and Ethics Barometer. It was the first time that the award was presented at the European Compliance and Ethics Conference. The international jury recognised the important contribution made by the French Post Group in educating all its employees - from postal delivery staff to managers - about the company's ethical principles and values.
The award was created by the EQS Group: the first organisation to organise the European Compliance Conference. This award is intended to raise awareness of outstanding and innovative compliance projects.
A member of the jury, Professor Dr Christian Hauser from the University of Applied Sciences Graubünden, explained the decision: "With its proactive approach and its willingness to change from a rule-based to a value-based corporate culture, Le Groupe La Poste is a deserving winner of the ECEC award".

The jury was made up of the following members:

Clive Kelly (Director of the Association of Compliance Officers, Association of Compliance Officers in Ireland)
Nigel Webb (Senior Managing Director / Partner, FTI Consulting)
Prof. Dr Carmen Tanner (Professor, Zeppelin University)
Prof. Dr Christian Hauser (Professor, Project Manager, University of Applied Sciences Graubünden)
Sophie Musso (Founder and CEO | Fondatrice, Proetic)

More information about the European ECEC Compliance Conference

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More information about Jury Member Prof Carmen Tanner

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