Research Award for Carlota Memba Aguado's work on Operation Car Wash

LEIZ: Buchreihe Transcultural Management Series, Metropolis Publisher
LEIZ: Buchreihe Transcultural Management Series, Metropolis Publisher

New book release
What effect did the possibly largest corruption scandal in the world “Operaçao Lava Jato” have on the acceptance of new anti-corruption laws and corporate governance in view of compliance and integrity management?
Young researchers, Carlota Memba Aguado and Daniela Gangl, both undergraduates within the Politics, Administration and International Relations programme at Zeppelin University, took a closer look into these questions. Doctoral candidate Isabel Jandeisek, Leadership Excellence Institute Zeppelin | LEIZ, supervised the project. During a two-week research trip to Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, the research group analysed the problem of systemic corruption in state-owned enterprises. Their results are about to be published in the book: Relational Leadership – Case Studies from Brazil (2020): Transcultural Management Series, Vol. 7, Metropolis.

Student Research Award
For her work, Carlota Memba Aguado received this year`s International Student Research Award from Zeppelin University.

We would like to congratulate the whole team and especially Carlota Memba Aguado for this outstanding success!

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Operação Lava Jato (Operation Car Wash)

‘Operation Car Wash’ is an investigation launched by the Federal Police of Brazil in 2014 to investigate a scheme of systemic corruption in the country, involving private as well as state-owned companies, politicians and political parties. The Investigation was named Lava Jato (Portuguese for Car Wash) since the first target was a car wash in Brazil that was under investigation for being used for money laundering. Lava Jato is known as one of the biggest corruption scandals in the world tracing the web of corruption back to many international companies linked to other Latin American countries as well as countries overseas. This case has a special importance to Brazil due to the judicatory reforms that were made to process and sentence some of the most powerful people of the country.

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