LEIZ Alumna Dr Anna Eckardt wins the SIM division Best Paper Award at the Academy of Management | AOM

Eckardt: Eckardt
Eckardt: Eckardt

Dr Anna Eckardt, PhD alumna of the Leadership Excellence Institute Zeppelin | LEIZ, received the Social Issue Management | SIM Division Best Paper Award at this year's virtual Academy of Management Conference. Focussing on “Banking for a Low Carbon Future: Explaining Climate Change Responses in a Low-Salience Industry”, Dr Eckardt’s paper is based on her PhD dissertation which was supervised by Prof. Dr Josef Wieland, LEIZ. Dr Eckardt prepared and submitted the paper together with her second supervisor, Dr Daina Mazutis from the University of Ottawa. It investigates how and why banks deal with the issue of climate change at a strategic level. “Given the fact, that banks finance the majority of climate-relevant industries, it is of considerable scientific, social and political interest to understand why these market players are or are not committed to climate protection in order to promote or demand more from them”.
At first, Dr Eckardt was simply relieved about the mere acceptance of her paper at AOM. It was one of the 186 papers of a total of 464 submitted that made it through to the second round. And when she heard that she was one of the 3 finalists, Dr Eckardt was overwhelmed and extremely excited. But when Prof. Dr Diana Mazutis, her second Ph.D supervisor, informed her via e-mail that they had just won the SIM division best paper award, she could scarcely believe the news!

Together with Eckardt's supervisor, Prof. Dr Josef Wieland, all of LEIZ is delighted about this great success! Congratulations to Dr Anna Eckardt and to all involved!


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The Academy of Management (AOM) is the world’s biggest and highest ranking association for scholars of management and organisation. It was established in 1936. AOM publishes several academic journals and organises conferences for academia. In addition, it provides forums for management professors and professionals to facilitate communication and the exchange of research ideas. Since August 2018 the AOM has set up several divisions that “reflect members’ interests and disciplinary backgrounds. Divisions offer a range of member services including educational sessions, social events at the Academy’s annual meeting, professional development opportunities such as paper development workshops, newsletters, and professional service opportunities. (source: AOM official website; wikipedia)
The SIM Division stands for Social Issues in Management. Divisions focus on established bodies of scholarship. They are comprised of members who regularly make scholarly contributions to the field of management through research published in scholarly books and journals.

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