Implementing the SDGs: Panel with Isabel Jandeisek

Panel with, from left: Isabel Jandeisek (LEIZ), Michael Fürst (Novartis CR Board) and Jan Morgenstern (Alumnus Zeppelin University)
Panel with, from left: Isabel Jandeisek (LEIZ), Michael Fürst (Novartis CR Board) and Jan Morgenstern (Alumnus Zeppelin University)

The seminar „Sustainable Development Goals | significant implications for politics, economics, education and each and every one of us” brought together scholars from the German Foundation of Economy (SDW) to discuss various aspects of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) from interdisciplinary perspectives. Among the main features of the event was a panel discussion where LEIZ researcher Isabel Jandeisek debated with Michael Fürst (Secretary of the Novartis CR Board), Thomas Hohn (Greenpeace) and Katja Hintze (CEO Stiftung Bildung).

In 2015, 193 member countries of the United Nations agreed on the SDGs, an agenda for 2030 which includes and combines social, ecological and economic dimensions. The successor of the Millennium Goals, the SDGs involve a cooperative approach to a shared and global responsibility. Countries, governments, corporations and other groups all over the world were invited to support those guidelines on how to treat and shape our planet in the next 13 years. One of many steps to face a better future is to establish sustainable development as a basic element in our current and future education system.

The SDGs are to be considered as a guideline towards an ideal goal. The question now is how to implement the required norms to reach that goal? The seminar discussed questions of the SDG’s relevance within different sectors of our society and how it is possible for every individual to be part of a bigger, a global solution.

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