Transcultural Caravan launches new projects

LEIZ Transcultural Caravan

In the context of its focal area: “Transcultural Management Studies”, the Leadership Excellence Institute Zeppelin | LEIZ has launched some exciting new projects.

The Transcultural Caravan, a globally operating research hub, initiates and supports projects aimed at analysing aspects of transculturality. Such projects tackle topical questions, e.g. what transcultural management practices can be found in globally operating companies. Many Transcultural Caravan projects are carried out in cooperation with other institutions e.g. the Wittenberg Center for Global Ethics | WCGE.

Another opportunity for engaging with the Transcultural Caravan was introduced in the form of Transcultural Research Groups (TRGs). Its objective is to inspire people from various cultural and disciplinary backgrounds to work on joint projects addressing transcultural research questions. TRGs consist of students, academics, and professionals from all over the world. They are free to establish their own organizational structures and to choose their individual approaches to answering their research questions. Whenever and wherever help is needed, the Transcultural Caravan provides useful contacts to other researchers in the same field. Two TRGs have already been launched, one of them addressing transcultural aspects of sustainability reporting, the other one analysing the case of Hong Kong as an example of a transcultural mega-city.

For more information on current projects and TRGs, please visit the website of the Transcultural Caravan: http://www.transcultural-caravan.org/projects/

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