Greater China Webinar

Greater China Webinar LEIZ

Four Webinars and a networking event on Lake Constance

Please register for the webinars using the links below:

  • 10.05 9:00-10:30 Leadership, Strategy and Organisation Register here

  • 24.05. 9:00-10:30 Practical options for operational presence and value creation Register here

  • 14.06. 9:00-10:30 Supply Value Chain and its sustainability Register here

  • 28.06. 9:00-10:30 Decision Making and Perspectives on the Greater China Region Register here

  • 06.07. 18:00-21:00 Impulse Evening 

    Greater China Webinars of Zeppelin University

    Opinions are divided on the region of "Greater China". While an estimated one third of the medium-sized companies from the DACH region are expanding their capacities in China, many other already shrink back at the mere mention of "Taiwan" or "China". Still other companies are in the middle of strategic considerations. Decision quality is also often hampered by a lack of knowledge about options of value generation and business opportunities as well as preconceived notions.

    The Greater China Webinar Series caters in particular to corporate decision-makers who are currently mulling over their future set-up in Greater China and Asia. Zeppelin University's webinar series aims to contribute to a sounder decision-making process through:

    • an open discourse between renowned family businesses from Asia and the DACH region.
    • contribution of participants with authentic experiences and new ideas
    • a comprehensive look at aspects that are little highlighted in the debate.
    • as well as an exchange with companies from the region concerned.

    We will address numerous guiding questions:

    • How do family businesses from Singapore, Taiwan and China view the geopolitical situation? How do they strategically align themselves?
    • To what extent does greater strategic incorporation of Taiwan and Singapore's expertise and their Asia-wide investments create additional value and reduce risk?
    • How do leadership and organization structures act as success factors?
    • What can we learn from Asian companies and what problems do they experience when dealing with European partners?
    • What common challenges and bottlenecks could be mitigated through a cooperation with them ?

    Target group

    Corporate decision makers from the DACH-region .

    Anmeldung und Teilnahmebedingungen

    Participation in the webinars is free of charge. The final event at the end of June is only open to participants of the webinars and will be organized at a suitable location on Lake Constance.

    Organiser: Dr. Matthias Niedenführ | Centre for Leadership and Innovation | Senior Research Fellow | LEIZ | Zeppelin Universität

    Co-Organiser: Rainer Kordes, Interim Executive APAC, Kordes Strategy Advisors


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