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Josef Wieland (Hg.)

Creating Shared Value

Concepts, Experience, Criticism

Over the last years, „Creating Shared Value“ has become a much discussed concept in business practice as well as in management theory and especially in the context of corporate social responsibility. This book offers a contribution to the current academic discussions on the well-received article of Michael Porter and Marc Kramer in Harvard Business Review in 2011. In the light of the increasing references to the shared value concept, it develops a critical discussion on its fundamentals and its implications for the relationship between economy and society. By that, the book seeks to shed light on the understanding of the role and the nature of the firm in a globalized economy. The result is a collection of interdisciplinary academic reviews which offer interdisciplinary reflections on „Creating Shared Value“ to illuminate theoretical, conceptual and practical challenges of the topic. Within the fields of Business Ethics, Theory of the Firm, Management and Philosophy, researcher, students and practitioners will be given a deeper insight on how to approach to the concept in a conceptional and philosophical way.

The present issue is based on contributions to the annual meeting of the German
Philosophical Society’s Research Group on Economics and Ethics. The conference
took place in May 2015 at the Leadership Excellence Institute Zeppelin | LEIZ at
Zeppelin University and focused on the topic of „Creating Shared Value“.

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Josef Wieland (Hg.): „Creating Shared Value – Concepts, Experience, Criticism“, Springer Verlag, Heidelberg, 168 Seiten, ISBN-10: 3319488015, ISBN-13: 978-3319488011