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LEIZ Leadership Log#9

Zeppelin University’s Leadership Excellence Institute Zeppelin | LEIZ combines economic and psychological approaches to leadership and related issues. The purpose of the “Leadership Log” is to track the research activities of the Institute’s two professorial chairs, its degree programmes, and its strategic goals.

The “Log’s” main addressees are academic institutions as well as leaders in business, politics, public administration, and civil society. The ninth issue of the “Log” concentrates on the Corporate Ethical Culture pertaining to all kind organisations, be it profit-making and non-profit-making as well as its stakeholders, leaders and individuals. Furthermore, we shed light on the dynamic that arises or leads to a conflict of corporate ethical culture within an organisation. And last but not least, we deal with the specific dynamic and the processes of transcultural cooperation in terms of corporate culture, individual, organisational and global values and sustainable relationships.

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