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June 17th

Workshop II | The Currency of Attention | Prof. Dr. Karen van den Berg & Alexander Wilhelmi

Seemooser Horn, LZ 07

In this workshop, we aim to explore the various ways in which artists position themselves relative to the art market. Drawing on a holistic body of individual art works, interviews and secondary literature, we will analyse questions such as: What conflicting conceptions of the ‘art market’ are prevalent amongst its various participants? How is the relationship between art and the market described by artists; by critics; by academics? How is the artists’ role perceived within the art market? How can artists situate themselves within this market? And how do artists deal with the resulting tensions?

Using examples such as Damien Hirst, Ai Weiwei , Jeff Koons, Andrea Fraser and Hans Haacke, we would like to introduce and develop strategies to unveil and disclose how the discourses of the market are reflected by artists themselves and through artistic practices, in both contemporary and historic contexts.

Kleinmichel, Philipp Dr
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van den Berg, Karen Prof Dr phil
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