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June 16th

Workshop I | Arts & Economics | Prof. Dr. Bruno Frey & Dr. Jana Gallus

Seemooser Horn, LZ 07

Prof. Dr. Bruno Frey
Prof. Dr. Bruno Frey


What has economics to do with the arts?

  • Analytical approach: rational choice analysis and extensions
  • Content: Insights of art economics

Is investment in art profitable?

  • How to calculate the rate of return
  • Critical issues
  • Results

Copies and fakes in art

  • Beneficial and harmful effects
Dr. Jana Gallus
Dr. Jana Gallus

Who collects art?

  • Who are the art collectors?
  • The home bias in art collection

The evaluation of cultural property

  • Various analytical approaches

The economics of museums and art exhibitions

  • Basic economic issues
  • Superstar museums
  • In what respect do art exhibitions differ from museums?

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