MPSA Annual Meeting 2018

Univ.- Prof. Dr. Wolfgang H. Schulz präsentiert beim Annual Meeting der MPSA 2018 seine aktuellen Forschungsergebnisse zu den Effekten der Einführung des TÜV in der Türkei:

"The effects of the convergence of Turkish Transport Policy to European Transport Policy: An empirical assessment for the Introduction of Periodical Technical Inspection of Road Vehicles."


The necessity of periodical technical inspection (PTI) of road vehicles is often questioned by the automotive industry and automobile clubs. The automotive industry favors on-board diagnostics (OBD) because an OBD-guided vehicle maintenance enables the binding of customers to the manufacturer's car repair shop. It is hardly to find the benefits of PTI in countries with a well-introduced PTI-regime because a without PTI-scenario cannot be modeled. In Turkey PTI was recently introduced enabling a comparative analysis. This research aims to estimate the effects of the introduction of PTI in Turkey on the accident numbers, as well as fatalities and injuries respectively. As the introduction of the technical revisions started in 2008, there is comprehensive data of fairly comparable cars available. By combining exclusive material from the revision authorities with officia l statistics, using a panel data model, the effect is estimated. The results show that there is a measurable impact of periodical technical revisions on accident numbers and thus traffic safety. Therefore, it can be recommended that an introduction and adoption of such measures is an important step towards more road safety in every country.

MPSA Poster 2018 Schulz_Scheler
MPSA Poster 2018 Schulz_Scheler
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