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74rd annual meeting of the Midwest Political Science Association (MPSA), Chicago, USA, 07.-10. April 2016.

Beim 74. jährlichen Kongress der MPSA in Chicago stellen Herr Prof. Dr. Wolfgang H. Schulz, wissenschaftlicher Leiter des CfM und Isabella Geis, Research Fellow am Lehrstuhl für Mobilität, Transport und Logistik folgende Paper vor:

“European Policy Approach to lower the emissions of passenger cars - Empirical findings, Volkswagen´s emission cheat, and next steps to sustainable emission testing”

W.H. Schulz

Volkswagen´s emission cheat shows that self-regulation of the automotive industry without independent technical roadworthiness agencies is not workable. Therefore, a policy path towards sustainable emission testing is developed.

"Making Public-Private Cooperation – Empirical Evidence from an Institutional Economic Role Model on the Example of Cooperative Transport Systems" 

W.H. Schulz, I. Geis

Cooperative transport systems are the next step to future mobility. Empirical findings of the CONVERGE project show that the new approach of Institutional Role Model is a first-best solution to enable public-private cooperations for CTS.