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Neue Urbane Mobilität – Hoffnung oder Hybris? Univ.-Prof. Dr. Wolfgang H. Schulz als Referent bei der IAA

Neue Urbane Mobilität – Hoffnung oder Hybris?

Vortrag von Univ. Prof. Dr. Wolfgang H. Schulz
IAA 2019 | 15.09.2019 | Uhrzeit 15:30–16:30 | Halle 5.0 | Debate Forum 

„I am looking forward to sharing our results of our European survey focusing on the acceptance of autonomous vehicles with you all.“ (Prof. Dr. Wolfgang H. Schulz
Director of the Center for Mobility Studies)

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang H. Schulz is an internationally-known Economist in the field of mobility and transport economics. He is the chairholder of the department of Mobility, Trade and Logistics at Zeppelin University in Germany. Further, he is on the advisory board of the transport ministry of North Rhine-Westphalia. His development of the Institutional Role Model theory is used in a variety of development projects across the mobility sector, enabling the allocation of tasks to the ideal party. His current research focus is on the importance of artificial intelligence for the automotive industry.

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