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Vortrag bei der E|DPC 2017 in Würzburg - 5.12.-06.12.2017

Lea Heinrich, Projektmitarbeiterin des Center for Mobility Studies | CfM, hät bei der "International Electric Drives Production Conference 2017" einen Vortrag zum Thema "The development and market deployment of mobility innovations- The economic perspective". Der Vortrag Thematisiert den Beitrag ökonomischer Begleitforschung bei der Entwicklung und Markteinführung von Innovationen im Mobilitätsbereich. Im Rahmen der Präsentation werden die Forschungsfelder des CfM, die des Lehrstuhl für Mobilität, Handel und Logistik sowie  die aktive Mitarbeit von Lehrstuhlinhaber Univ. Prof. Dr. Wolfgang H. Schulz an zahlreichen Forschungs- und Umsetzungsprojekten vorgestellt. Als konkreter Anwendungsfall wird hier die Begleitforschung des CfM unter wissenschaftlicher Leitung von Prof. W. H. Schulz im Rahmen des vom BMWi geförderten Projektes STILLE präsentiert.

E|DPC 2017, Wuerzburg, December 5th - 6th
"Increasing power consumption, CO2 reduction, growing mobility or progressing automation – none of these future megatrends is possible without powerful electric drives. The electrification of the automobile powertrain is considered crucial, as the whole sector is facing difficulties resulting from the substitution of the conventional combustion engine. Besides advancing ideas on the design of powerful electric drives, the organization of the manufacturing processes and systems is of great importance.
The 7th International Electric Drives Production Conference offers an outstanding platform for the exchange of experiences for developers, researchers and potential users. "

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"The development and market deployment of mobility innovations- The economic perspective".

How can new business models be developed and integrated into a saturated market?
How can we manage mobility challenges such as environmental and resource constraints, infrastructure or funding – and how can change be addressed & managed?
These are just three questions out of a broad set of questions, the actors in the mobility and transport segment have to deal with each day – and so does the Center for Mobility Studies (CFM) at the Zeppelin University. The CFM is the renowned research institute for mobility in Germany which analyses and outlines the economic, psychological, sociological, and technical aspects of mobility and thus provides essential impulses for business model innovation. To demonstrate the relevance and potentials of economic research for technology and market development in the field of mobility and beyond, the CfM work within the STILLE project, that supports standardization for inductive (wireless) charging systems for electric vehicles, will be outlined.
Keywords: mobility innovations, market deployment, institutional role model, cross-industrial cooperations, electric vehicles, wireless power charging (WPC)

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