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FEINART Lecture Series | Pirate Care: Disobedient Solidarity against Neoliberal Austerity

FEINART Lecture Series | Pirate Care: Disobedient Solidarity against Neoliberal Austerity

In conversation with the feminist theorist, art historian and novelist Angela Dimitrakaki, Tomislav Medak introduces the work of the Pirate Care collective. Pirate Care is a transnational research project and a network of activists, scholars and practitioners who stand against the criminalization of solidarity and for a common care infrastructure. The name refers to initiatives that have emerged in opposition to neoliberal policies and paternalistic institutions that are denying basic care provisions to many. Pirate Care works on establishing infrastructures for self-organised, technologically-enabled care and creates solidarity networks.

Tomislav Medak holds a PhD is a researcher with a PhD on techno-politics and planetary environmental crisis. He is a member of the theory and publishing team of the Multimedia Institute/MAMA in Zagreb, a co-initiator of the Pirate Care project, and formerly an artist in the performing arts collective BADco.

Dr Angela Dimitrakaki is a member of the FEINART Scientific Committee, a Marxist feminist art historian whose research focuses on labour, social reproduction, ideology, the biopolitics of global capitalism and the formation of subjectivity in the 20th and 21 st centuries. She works at the University of Edinburgh.


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