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Online | Female Founders Night

Online | Female Founders Night


The Female Founder Night goes international!
After two successful years at Zeppelin University (ZU) - the founding location of the event - we are bringing the special atmosphere of the #FemaleFoundersNight to ESADE in sunny Spain. Where better to challenge the stereotypes around entrepreneurship than in the vibrant startup ecosystem of #Barcelona?
We offer 20 female entrepreneurs a stage to share their stories and invite participants of all genders to challenge their own stigmas. Together, we want to motivate especially young women and men to explore the topic of #founding, to get to know #rolemodels, as well as to discover and promote their #pioneering spirit.
We look forward to an evening of dynamic panels, inspiring stories and personal networking!

A #collaboration of FFN by Tatendrang (ZU) and Ennova (ESADE).

The facts:


25 of February 2021 from 16:45 - 21:30.

Hybrid - participation is possible on-site and online

ESADE Sant Cugat, Barcelona & online

Panels with high-profile speakers where topics such as Corporate vs. Startup,
and founding stories in the fields of IT, Social Entrepreneurship, Investment & Fashion will be discussed.

7€ online (5€ Early Bird), 12€ on site (10€ Early Bird)

Early bird tickets available until February 14th

What does hybrid mean?

Our Spanish speakers, as well as around 50 participants, will be able to attend on site, in accordance with the local Covid restrictions. This is how we will create the special atmosphere that characterizes the FFN, even if it will be on a smaller scale this year. Our international female entrepreneurs will join us online. All panels will be streamed and our moderators will provide the link between the virtual and live speakers. They will be supported by our co-moderators who will follow our Q&A and polling platform to engage participants equally online and on-site. At the end of the event, participants will have the opportunity to network with the speakers virtually or live.

Why are online tickets not for free?

As a student run association, we know how it works with registering to every event but then only attending a handful. Such fluctuation is difficult for us to handle. The price is a small additional incentive and we do not keep money for ourselves. After covering our costs, 50% of the profit goes to the NGO ELE (Everybody Loves Everybody, providing education to underprivileged kids in South Africa), the rest goes to Ennova.

Tickets here

Female Founder Night 



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