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08.30 Uhr – 13.15 Uhr
Friedrichshafen | ZF Campus, von Soden Forum

Transcultural Leadership Summit 2021

Transcultural Leadership Summit 2021

What is the Transcultural Leadership Summit?

Global value creation, cross-border innovation and global HR are some of the most important challenges of business leadership today. To address these challenges, Professor Josef Wieland, Director of Zeppelin University’s Leadership Excellence Institute, together with a group of enthusiastic students, created a platform for experts from business, politics, civil society and the artsto share and discuss their experiences and learnings about leadership and cooperation in times of global interconnectedness. This Year’s Transcultural Leadership Summit will take place on November 11 and 12, 2021 on the Zeppelin University campus in Friedrichshafen as a hybrid event. It’s focal topic is Southeast Asia.

Why Southeast Asia?

Southeast Asia (SEA), larger than the European Union by area and population, is home to eleven countries and more than 650 million people. As one of the most dynamically developing regions in the world, Southeast Asia is proving to be particularly adaptable and flexible: attributes that are commensurate with the increasing complexity and rapidly changing environmentthat globalisation has shaped. Given the cultural and linguistic complexity of the ASEAN region, it is virtually impossible to do business in this region without crossing national or language borders. Hence, the region represents both opportunities and challenges, and it is increasingly gaining in importance. Against this backdrop, it seems vital to place greater attention on the region.

About the program:

Due to the time difference between SEA and Europe, the summit will take place on two consecutive days (Nov 11/12, 2021) from 8.30 am to 13.15 pm (CET).


On the first day (November 11, 2021), we will explore the economic potentials of Southeast Asia. Keynotes and panel discussions with leading experts and executives will give our participants the opportunity to widen their knowledge about the region from a transcultural-leadership angle.


On the second day (November 12, 2021) we will explore what it takes for companies to invest and operate successfully in one of the most dynamically developing regions in the world. On this day, keynotes and workshops offer our participants a unique learning experience.

Why you should attend:

| Receive unique insights about transcultural leadership in SEA

| Deepen your knowledge through interactive workshopswith leadership coaches, cross-cultural trainers and executives from SEA

| Get in touch with young talents and future enthusiastic employees from Germany and SEA

| Network with experts, professionals, and students from all around the world

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