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Executive Master of Digital Pioneering | eMA DIP

Module 7 | Consumer behavior & marketing of digital goods

Content & Learning outcome:

In modern economics marketing is crucial for the firm’s success. Knowledge about the psychology of consumer behavior is a prerequisite for the development of successful marketing strategies. In this course, we consider the psychological aspects of consumer behavior as well as the consequences for marketing. We discuss empirical research and apply prominent theories on marketing cases from different product categories and industries. In addition, participants develop a concept for applying the learned theories in their specific field. In addition we will learn something about the principles of marketing, service and retail marketing, market research and contemporary developments in marketing (e.g. consumer neuroscience)

Main topics of this module are:

- Consumer Decision Making
- Consumer Information Processing
- Motivation, Emotions, and Personality
- Attention and Memory
- Brand Management
- Advertising
- Marketing-Management
- Marketing-Strategy
- Market Research
- Marketing-Instruments
- Retail Marketing
- Service Marketing

Participation in the course fosters knowledge of psychological mechanisms in consumer behaviour. In particular, successful participants should be able to identify critical aspects in marketing and to apply effective marketing and controlling tools

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