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Executive Master of Digital Pioneering | eMA DIP

Module 5 | Business Model Creation & entrepreneurial culture

Content & Learning outcome:

After this module Zeppelin graduates should be able to answer the following questions:

| What is corporate venturing?
| Which different approaches towards corporate venturing are possible and under which conditions do they work or not?
| What is technological competence leveraging and how does it work?
| Why is technological competence leveraging a valuable source of innovation and how does it relate to business model design?
| Which criteria are important to assess the potential as well as the outcome of technological competence leveraging?
| How important is the transfer of existing business models from one domain to another and when could this be a valuable source of business model innovation?
| Which criteria show an influence on success of this innovation mode?
| What is the architecture of a business plan?
| Which criteria are important in evaluating business plans? Which information is important for investors?
| How could an investment pitch be designed and executed?

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