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Executive Master of Digital Pioneering | eMA DIP

Module 4 | Digital Value Networks

Content & Learning outcome:

The course starts with a general overview of digital value chains, introduces the different IT fields that are essentially based on such value chains, for example, eCommerce and eBusiness, telecommunications, and mobile services, and motivates the topic by means of several use cases in the areas of B2C and B2B. The following time slots are then dedicated to the different core technologies of digital value chains, for example, service-oriented architectures and related protocols, cloud computing, and auxiliary functions like identity, security, and payment management. 

Participants who have successfully finished this course have an overview of the foundations, motivations, and actors of digital value chains. They have developed an understanding of the main related core technologies as well as their problems and know about the interdependencies between business models and technical realization. Furthermore, they have a good knowledge of different alternatives for realizing digital value chains and related services, and know about their pros and cons.

The course is principally designed to impart technical skills (40 %), method skills (30 %), and system skills (30 %).

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