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Executive Master of Science in Digital Pioneering | eMA DIP

Die ZU bietet einen europaweit einzigartigen, berufsbegleitenden, universitären Masterstudiengang für Geschäftsmodell-Innovationen in digitalen Geschäftsfeldern an. Da der Studiengang eine internationale Perspektive wählt, ist die Unterrichtssprache Englisch.

Alle weiteren Informationen zur Studienstruktur, Aufbau, Inhalten, Bewerbungsverfahren, Auslandsaufenthalten und Praxisbezug finden Sie daher im Folgenden auf Englisch.

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Lernlabor für smarte digitale Geschäftsmodelle | eMA DIP

With the program of studies "Executive Master of Arts in Digital Pioneering (eMA DIP)", originally developed together with the Deutsche Telekom AG, ZU has closed a long-lasting gap in the educational offer of German universities.

The master program does not only address IT specialists with a background in computer science, business informatics, or mathematics who aim for a managerial career, but also staff members from the areas of corporate development, strategy and distribution, from journalism, trade and the service sector, as well as founders.

The Executive Master's program at a glance

  • Degree: Master of Science (M.Sc.), accredited
  • Forms of study: Part-time program
  • Credit Points: 90 Credit Points (additional 30 Credit Points upon recognition of professional experience)
  • Places of study: 10 modules in Friedrichshafen, 1 module in Berlin, as well as 1 module in the context of the International Summer Academy
    (for example at Tsinghua University in Bejing, China)
  • Duration of study: 21 months: 12 weekly modules of 5 days each, plus preparation and follow-up (self-study), approximately 4 weeks break during the modules
  • Language of instruction: English
  • Program start: October 2021 (open for application)


The Executive Master of Arts in Digital Pioneering is a part-time study program. It is addressed to IT specialists with a background in computer science, business informatics, or mathematics with at least a Bachelor's degree. 

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Viellieber, Heike

Office Manager Executive Education

Do you have any questions about the Executive Master's program and the application process? Then please contact our Office Manager Executive Education.


„Bring your own project!“

As a private university, Zeppelin University is itself an entrepreneurial university. It looks less for people who think out of the box, rather it looks for people who can think straight and think things through to the end. Yet, you cannot “make” an entrepreneur. You can, however, understand and learn which tools to apply in which way (and why) when working on your own project. Together with others who "tick" in a similar way as you, address the right questions to the unheard-of and world-encompassing, increasingly faster innovations that digitalization may still bring.

Set-up & Content

Ihre Frage:

The curriculum focuses on key aspects of digital business innovation:

  • Innovation and Technology Management
  • Business Model Development
  • Digital Value Network and Collaboration in Networks
  • Trend Research and Scenario Technique
  • Consumer Behavior & Marketing of Digital Goods
  • Social Entrepreneurship and New Markets for Digital Goods
  • Legal and Political Environment of Digitalization
  • Leadership in Digital Environments/Knowledge Management
  • Extra-curricular offer on 'key & soft skills’ & Business English


Ihre Frage:

The one-week International Summer Academy is an integral part of eMA DIP. It offers a mixture of theoretical basic courses and discussions with and guided tours at practical experts from a high technology cluster (high tech companies as well as digital startups). It especially addresses the issue of the state-of-the-art technological developments and their applications. Possible destinations are inter alia the University of San Francisco (California, US), Tsinghua University (Beijing, China) and the University of Cambridge (England, United Kingdom).


Scholarships and Tuition fees

Ihre Frage:

The tuition fee for the two-year Executive Master of Arts in Digital Pioneering | eMA DiP is 25,900 €. For some business cooperations special framework conditions apply.


Admission requirements & Application

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The Executive Master of Arts in Digital Pioneering is a part-time study program. It adresses applicants with at least a Bachelor's degree and one year of professional experience.

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