Expertise & Practice Partners


The Executive Master of Arts in Digital Pioneering strongly builds on expertise driven by the latest results in research. It especially makes use of the Research Center at the Dr. Manfred Bischoff Institute of Innovation Management of Airbus Group at Zeppelin University.

Practice Partners

The practice partners of the Executive Master of Arts of Digital Pioneering | eMA DIP at Zeppelin University include:

  • Deutsche Telekom AG
  • Hewlett-Packard Deutschland GmbH
  • IBM Deutschland GmbH
  • TrendOne GmbH, Hamburg
  • Fluidminds, Schweiz

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Dean ZU Executive Education

Mietzner, Mark Prof Dr
Lehrstuhl für Bank- und Finanzwirtschaft | Dean ZU Executive Education
Tel:+49 7541 6009-1232
Fax:+49 7541 6009-1299
Raum:Semi 1.04
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Academic Program Head

Enkel, Ellen Prof Dr phil
Leiterin Dr. Manfred Bischoff Institut für Innovationsmanagement der Airbus Group
Lehrstuhl für Innovationsmanagement
Tel:+49 7541 6009-1281
Fax:+49 7541 6009-1299
Raum:Semi 0.12
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