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Executive Master of Science in Business & Leadership for Engineers | eMA BEL

Admission requirements

  • Bachelor degree in engineering or equivalent
  • Minimally 12 months of relevant professional experience
  • Existing employment
  • English language proficiency (ZU test)
  • Successful participation in the ZU admission procedure


You can apply anytime. First create a user account for your application. You will then receive log-in data for your personal application portal where you can submit your written application.

The written application includes:

  • Answers to a set of questions
  • Certificates of high school and university degree
  • CV
  • Proof of working experience
  • Proof of current employment

Provided that you fulfill all admission requirements, you will be invited for a selection interview and two English tests. Usually, you will receive the decision of the admission committee two working days.

If you have any questions or issues concerning the application procedure or admission requirements (necessary documents, technical issues etc.) please feel free to contact: Heike Viellieber, Phone: 07541 6009 1506 | E-Mail:

Office Manager

Viellieber, Heike
Büroleiterin ZU Executive Education
Tel:+49 7541 6009-1506
Fax:+49 7541 6009-1399
Raum:Semi 1.09


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