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Executive Master in Business & Leadership for Engineers | eMA BEL

Strengthen your Impact as an Engineer

Betriebswirtschaftliche Kenntnisse und Managementkompetenzen für Ingenieurinnen und Ingenieure: Der berufsbegleitende Masterstudiengang bereitet auf Führungsaufgaben vor. Das Programm ist international ausgerichtet, die Unterrichtssprache ist Englisch. Daher finden Sie im Folgenden alle weiteren Informationen zu Studienstruktur, Bewerbung, Auslandsaufenthalten und Praxisbezug auf Englisch.

Strong engineering is the powerhouse of technology-driven companies. Engineers in leadership positions can be a huge asset for companies in innovative markets. Their technical expertise and problem-solving skills enable them to create new business opportunities. Leadership success in the international business arena, however, requires more than engineering power alone. In order to qualify for leadership positions, engineers also need business know-how, legal insights and people skills.

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The Executive Master's program offers the latest insights into international leadership and innovation management. Its design is based on the needs of key players in the field of engineering and technology. Engineers will learn to strengthen their impact in an international business context and gain new knowledge on how to

| lead innovation interculturally & internationally
| design international strategies and processes
| improve social and financial results
| become a service pioneer
| develop new business models
| manage international projects
| benefit from diversity in teams
| turn sustainability issues into opportunities

The program at a glance

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  • Part-time program, successfully started in 2014
  • Target group: Engineers aspiring international leadership or
    project management positions
  • 21 months: 60 teaching days in Friedrichshafen and Berlin
  • Two-weeks International module in Cape Town, South Africa
  • Degree: Master of Arts, accredited
  • Qualification for a PhD
  • Classroom: 15 to 25 participants
  • Program fees: 25,900 €
  • Next program start: February 2021 (application possible at any time)

Set-up & Content

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Actionable Business Knowledge in Four Domains
The program provides actionable business knowledge for engineering professionals in four domains

  • Strategy and Organization
  • Leadership 
  • Innovation 
  • International Management

Project Work and Skills Development
Application of knowledge and transfer to practice is central to the program. Throughout their studies, participants will work on their own business project and apply the knowledge gained. Furthermore, participants will strengthen their leadership and business skills on an ongoing basis. These include, for instance, social skills, reflexivity, and networking capabilities. Guided by trainers and coaches, using personalized and experience-based learning formats, participants will extend their ability to effectively lead international projects and drive innovation.


Development Partners & Expertise

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We have developed the Executive Master together with leading companies in the field of engineering and technology. Moreover, the program strongly builds on the expertise of three Research Centers at Zeppelin University.



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Multiplying management skills and business knowledge on an international scale: The two-week International Winter Academy provides participants with an insight on engineering and business practice in an intercultural context. Our cooperation partner is the University of Cape Town (South Africa).


Tuition fees

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The tuition fee for the two-year Executive Master in Business and Leadership for Engineers | eMA BEL is 25,900 €.


Admission requirements & Application

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The Executive Master in Leadership and Business for Engineers is a part-time study program. It adresses engineers with at least a Bachelor's degree and one year of professional experience.

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Dean ZU Executive Education

Schulz, Wolfgang H. Prof Dr habil
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Academic Program Head

Opitz, Christian Prof Dr rer pol
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Office Manager

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