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Executive Master of Science in Business & Leadership for Engineers | eMA BEL

Tuition fees

The tuition fee for the 21-months Executive Master Business & Leadership for Engineers is 25,900 €. This includes all courses, the use of university facilities (e.g., library, electronic databases, restaurant, WiFi acess, ZU e-mail account, intranet, university access card), transcripts of records, membership to the sports club VFB Friedrichshafen and StudentLounge, the possibility to take part in cultural activities (e.g., university choir, orchestra, theater), the use of study spaces, access to sports facilities and beach area at the lakeside campus.

VDI nachrichten scholarship

In cooperation with VDI nachrichten, ZU Executive Education provides a scholarship for eMA BEL students who start their program in October 2018.

Learn more about the VDI nachrichten scholarship

Student Loan

Sparkasse Herford finances tuition fees at a significantly reduced interest rate.

Learn more about the StudentLoan Program (in German)

ZU Education Fund | ZU Bildungsfonds

Based on the idea of an intergenerational contract, the ZU Education Fund allows students to pay their tuition fees after graduation. 

Learn more about the ZU Education Fund (in German)

Tax advantage

Tuition fees for executive master programs are tax-deductible. Please consult your tax accountant.

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Dean ZU Executive Education

Schulz, Wolfgang H. Prof Dr habil
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Office Manager

Viellieber, Heike
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