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Executive Master in Business & Leadership for Engineers | eMA BEL


Module 1 | Making Sense of Strategic Management

  • Introduction: setup and framing of the program
  • Economic and societal change
  • Strategic management
  • International strategy
  • Results from strategy research
  • Conditions of financial and social effectiveness

Module 2 | Making Sense of Organizational Structure and Dynamics

  • Organization theory
  • Formal and informal organization
  • Power and politics in organizations
  • Change and stability in organizations
  • Theory and practice of organizational dynamics

Module 3 | The Engineer as Reflective Leader

  • Changing conceptions of leadership
  • Conflicting leadership demands
  • Fear, power, and influence
  • Value-based leadership and sense making
  • Leading people
  • Reflecting leadership practice: Leading self and others

Module 4 | The Socially Responsible Engineer

  • Interdependence: business and society
  • Ethics and integrity
  • CSR und sustainability in different business functions
  • Law and regulations
  • Reflecting leadership practice: dealing with conflicting stakeholder demands

Module 5 | The Financially Responsible Engineer

  • Financial management and capital markets
  • Investment appraisal
  • Strategic controlling
  • Finance and control in project management
  • Sustainability controlling
  • Reflecting leadership practice: Financial responsibility in relation to other responsibility domains

Module 6 | The Engineer as Innovator and Change Agent

  • Forms of innovation
  • Ambidexterity: exploration and exploitation
  • Developing an innovative culture
  • Change and resistance
  • Leadership of change
  • Reflecting leadership practice: Leading innovation and change

Innovation Track 1:
Modules 7 & 8 | Service Pioneering

  • From production to service society
  • Service innovation
  • Business model structuring for services
  • Law and regulations
  • Financial management of services
  • Development and pricing of services
  • Process management of services
  • Service marketing and sales

Innovation Track 2:
Modules 7 & 8 | Business Model Innovation

  • Methods of business model innovation
  • Value chains and target markets
  • Trend research
  • Intellectual property rights & open innovation
  • Cooperation, alliances, and networks
  • Financial management
  • Evaluation of business models

Module 9 | Diversity and Transcultural Management

  • Making sense of culture
  • Social identity
  • Diversity in organizations and teams
  • Conflict management
  • Transcultural management
  • Leadership of international teams
  • Global leadership

Modules 10 & 11 | International Winter Academy

This experiential learning journey takes place in a global technology hub. It includes visits to companies and research labs, cultural experiences as well as lectures and workshops at partner universities. The following topics will be dealt with:
  • Essentials of globalization
  • International strategy and structure
  • Global ethics
  • Social, structural and technological dimensions of global innovation
  • International project management

Module 12 | The Future of International Business and Leadership

  • Synopsis: Sustainable leadership in an international context
  • Open space for ideas of participants

Project work and skills development

Application and transfer of knowledge is central to the program.
  • Throughout their study, participants will work on a business project and apply the knowledge gained.
  • Furthermore, participants will strengthen their leadership and business skills on an ongoing basis. Guided by trainers and coaches, using personalized and experience-based learning formats, participants will extend their ability to effectively lead international projects and drive innovation.

Master Thesis

During the program, participants become familiar with a range of academic perspectives on business and leadership. The master thesis allows participants to deepen a topic of their choice and examine it systematically.