Call for Humboldt Project Proposals: Transculturality and Community

Meeting in Uganda
Meeting in Uganda

The Transcultural Caravan is proud to announce a joint research project with Zeppelin University students and Dr. Agnes Atim Apea, founder of the Hope Development Initiative, on Transculturality and Community in Uganda.
Dr Apea’s talk at the Transcultural Leadership Summit 2017 “Learning about Sub-Saharan Africa” not only spellbound her audience but also gave spontaneously rise to ideas how to take her thoughts further within the context of transcultural research.

We therefore are now calling for students, interested in collaborating on the project by way of a Humboldt project or other research papers. The group will comprise seven topics, including business, civil society, politics, sustainability, culture, leadership and digital transformation. Responsibility for any one topic rests with student researchers and their supervisors. It is essential that these topics – and the research questions they engender – be understood not so much as isolated approaches to a common theme but as interlocking perspectives on the subject matter. Ideally, students would work in transcultural pairs, i.e. every ZU student might partner with a student from the Sub-Saharan region. Subject to funding, the project includes a joint field trip to Uganda to witness the Initiative’s work first-hand and to conduct interviews with relevant individuals.

Just send us a mail with your research ideas!
Deadline: 31th of March

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