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Sociology, Politics & Economics | SPE

Corporate Responsibility & Compliance

| Nature of the firm & Institutional Economics
| Strategic Normative Management
| Integrity & Compliance Management & Values Management
| Corporate Responsibility & Human Rights
| Sustainable Development Goals & Sustainability
| Stakeholder Management & Shared Value
| Case studies & Stakeholder Model

Qualification Objective
| learn the incorporation of economic ethics as a strategic and operative success factor for good leadership in corporations;
| obtain a deep insight in the field of economic ethics;
| learn models with which dilemmas in economic ethics can be solved from a business administration perspective;
| learn about Corporate Social Responsibility and Human Rights, Sustainability: Standards, Management System, Discourses;
| learn the basics of legal requirements in a corporation;
| learn about public and private regulation with regard to Integrity and Compliance;
| learn the opportunities and challenges in applying these requirements;
| learn about implementation strategies for effective Compliance Management System;
| learn the implementation strategies, instruments and audits of the respective management systems and work out the foundations of national and global strategies of corporations.