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Behavioral Business Ethics

Behavioral Business Ethics is an interdisciplinary research line, working at the intersection Psychology, Ethics, and Economics & Finance. Based on an empirical (primarily experimental) approach this domain examines how human beings respond to moral-ethical issues in the business or finance context and based on which individual and contextual factors unethical practices can develop within organizations. In the lecture, students will read and elaborate on scientific papers which deal with current themes of behavioral ethics. Examples of questions are: How does it come that people (even good people) engage in unethical behavior without being aware of it. What makes people “morally blind”? Do people rely on reasoning or intuitive when deciding what is right or wrong? Has ethical behavior to do with controlling temptations? How does mental depletion affect behavior? And what happens if people are mentally tired thereby lacking self-control? How do people respond to own (un)ethical behavior? How does money affect individual behavior? Does power corrupt human beings?

Qualification Objective
Students will
| learn about relevant theories and results from Behavioral Ethics research
| learn about psychological biases and situational factors that can hinder or foster ethical be-havior
| expand their methodological skills by learning about more the experimental approach.
| learn to apply the findings to daily life and applied fields.