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Special session at EMAC 2021: Modeling Attention in Choice

Martin Meißner (Zeppelin University), Josua Oll (University of Oldenburg) and Alexander Bassen (University of Hamburg) will give a presentation at the European Conference of Marketing (EMAC) that takes place online in May 2021. Their paper is entitled “Goal-Driven and Stimulus-Driven Attention in Multi-Attribute Choice: Insights from an Eye-Tracking Experiment” and will be discussed in a special session “Modeling Attention in Choice” at the conference.

The session further comprises the following two contributions:

Bridging between Hypothetical and Incentivized Choice by Arash Laghaie and Thomas Otter (Goethe University Frankfurt)

Lottery rewards in incentive-aligned choice-based conjoint studies by Narine Yegoryan (Humboldt University Berlin)

Martin will also give a further presentation at EMAC 2021 together with colleagues from Bielefeld University:

How can celebrities become popular on social media? The importance of self-disclosure and endorsement by Jan Klostermann, Martin Meißner, Alexander Max, Reinhold Decker