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Relational Leadership in an Indian Context


Preeti Singh, PhD student at the Joint Doctoral Programme of the Leadership Excellence Institute Zeppelin | LEIZ and the Wittenberg Center for Global Ethics, and Dominik Fischer, research assistant at the LEIZ, collaborate in a new research project lodged on the Transcultural Caravan platform. The project focuses upon informal institutions in an Indian business environment, presuming that, while non-Indian players may acquire the skills to deal with formal institutions through hiring professional service firms, dealing with informal institutions remains a challenge. Often such players need a local partner to gain access to resources in India and to build relationships with stakeholders – especially so if the non-Indian player is unsure of the Indian institutional context. However, the relationship with the local partner needs to be managed, too. – The project is to ascertain if Relational-Leadership approaches may contribute to addressing this challenge.

Ansprechpartner: Dominik Fischer


von 01.07.2017 bis 31.10.2017


Dominik Fischer


Preeti Singh und Dominik Fischer