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How Data-Driven Ventures Create and Capture Value


Nowadays, there is existing a vast number of data, that are archived and processed in order to gain valuable insights. With the growing amount of valuable data the exploitation of large data volumes became increasingly the subject of interest. Recent economic, societal and technological developments related to big data raise a couple of questions concerning the utilization and monetisation of data. The business model concept generally addresses questions concerning the value creation and capturing of a firm. Thus, by applying the concept to data related issues, further insights about commercialization of data can be gained. Still, theoretical knowledge is lacking addressing the concept of data-driven business models and the value of data as a resource in general. Therefore, the primarily objective of this project is to understand, how businesses successfully create and capture value relaying on data as a main resource. Thereby, this project contributes to several research areas that is resource management of intangible good by viewing data as a valuable resource; the inconsistent debate about the two terms data and information by precisley examining the value of data; the ambiguous field of business model research by providing a synthesized conceptual framework of business mode components; and the lacking domain of data-driven business model by proposing a taxonomy of data-driven ventures and identifying certain patterns of data-driven business model types.



von 01.07.2015 bis 30.06.2016


Prof. Dr. phil. Ellen Enkel