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How Crucial are Power Promoters to Develop Radical New Businesses?


This project investigates the importance of power promoters to develop radical new businesses, since many companies are facing obstacles to do so. For this purpose, first of all the theoretical principles of the term radical and disruptive innovations in the area of business model will be determined together with the occuring barriers. Second, the theoretical basics of support systems for radical business model innovation (BMI) with the respective support elements and the promoter model as distinguished model will be investigated. Both theoretical aspects will be combined in one model to support radical BMI. Within the methodology the reasons for case studies and expert interview were outlined to be the best approach to prove or disprove the underlaying theoretical findings, followed by the within-case and cross-case analysis to describe the findings of the case studies. Afterwards, the results of the case studies will be compared with the theoretical aspects and discussed, which leads to the implication of the theory and the implication of the practice.



von 01.07.2016 bis 30.06.2017


Prof. Dr. phil. Ellen Enkel