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Corporate disrupters


After the bursting of the dot-com bubble at the beginning of the 21st century, many corporations withdrew from the venture capital market. Now, 15 years later, corporate venture capital is again back at the peak of global interest. This renewed interest stems not only from the fact that the entrpreneurial ecosystem is a natural source of innovation, which can be harnessed by the corporations, but also the fear of these same corporations of being disrupted by startups, which threaten to take over significant market share from the incumbent corporations. Because the market conditions and dynamics during the dot-com bubble have been significantly different than they are now, there needs to ba a new approach to corporate venture capital. By using a multiple case study approach, a framework of the organization and orientation of corporate venture capital units is developed, that allows corporations to unlock the full potential of entrepreneurial innovation through its venture investments.



von 01.07.2015 bis 30.06.2016


Prof. Dr. phil. Ellen Enkel