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Comparative Studies on Measuring and Improving Soft Skills of Innovators and Entrepreneurs in the EU


Boosting innovation is a priority in the EU, especially in the form of projects in which actors collaborate effectively with external partners, known as open innovation (OI). OI offers advantages but knowledge about effective OI is scarce. The central question of this project is: How to assess and improve soft skills of people engaged in effective OI? This question has not been addressed yet through comparative, interdisciplinary and longitudinal action research with a European scope. Its overall research and training objective is to contribute to more effective OI in the EU. Based on prior studies carried out previously by us, six OI skills’ aspects will be focused on: leadership in innovation networks, virtual teams, corpo¬rate entrepreneurship, cooperation between small and large companies, new business models, and technology adaption and diffusion. The outcome of COMMISSIE is knowledge and insights on managing effectively OI projects, and includes how project dynamics can be optimized. We will identify, measure, and train essential soft skills of actors for successful OI to emerge. They pertain to Affective, Behavioral (incl. attitudinal), and Cognitive (ABC) skills of project leaders and their internal and external team members. Through improving actors’ ABC skills (“talent mapping and development”), COMMISSIE will study and at the same time improve the dynamics and success rate of open innovation projects. The project delivers an examination and training of ABC skills of OI actors, a managerial toolbox and an annual European Innovation Competencies Monitor (EICM), to be used for training and Management Development. COMMISSIE will employ a hypothesized-based quantitative survey study of 400 OI projects in 8 countries across Europe and in Brazil. It will also yield more insights through a qualitative in-depth action-research based study of 50 of these projects, in which culturally-appropriate training, situation-specific coaching as well as advice take place.



von 01.01.2014 bis 31.12.2015


Prof. Dr. phil. Ellen Enkel


M.A. Karoline Bader