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Juniorprofessur für Innovation & Entrepreneurship


Chronic Buying Behavior - Impulsive and Compulsive Buying


Impulsive buying has a longstanding research history and the focus of research changed over time. While early investigations focused on the products that might be purchased impulsively, later studies focused on the individuals who experience the impulses to buy and the conditions which might stimulate impulsive buying. Within our studies we try to add a new perspective analyzing and investigating impulsive buying Behavior with neuroscientific methods. Compulsive buying (CB) is defined as chronic, repetitive purchasing that becomes a primary response to negative events or feelings. CB is a prevalent, but often trivialized problem of western societies and in contrast to normal impulse purchasing that is fulminating and often focused on a certain product. An important characteristic of CB is that consumers report euphorically emotions during the buying process itself, whereas the possession of the product is only secondarily. Therefore we try to analyze which neural mechanism are responsible for consumers who are prone to CB in contrast to consumers who are not when evaluating specific stimuli (i.e. brands, shopping situations).

Ansprechpartner: Junior-Prof. Dr. Marco Hubert


seit 01.01.2008


Prof. Marco Hubert


Marco Hubert, Mirja Hubert, Arnd Florack